6 Effective Tips on How to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

How care of Leather shoes

A quality pair of leather shoes is that one accessory in every man’s wardrobe that helps in elevating any look for any event. From mules and wingtips to oxfords and loafers, leather can make any kind of shoe look ten times more exotic and exquisite. However, this statement is a test of time as you can only enjoy your luxurious shoes for a long time if you maintain them properly. Leather is famously known for its robustness and ageless quality and comes with a ton of maintenance due to its nature and material. Pure leather shoes can transform your outfit into something classic and extraordinary without putting much effort. Although leather shoes have a ton of benefits, they can be quite expensive. Therefore, you need to maintain their quality.

So, here are a few effective shoe care tips on how to clean your leather shoes to enhance their longevity.

  1. Stock up on the essentials: – Leather shoes require special attention and care to preserve their elegant look. For this, you’ll need to buy shoe care essentials like quality brushes, polishes, creams, and conditioners. These essentials will go a long way in helping you maintain the quality of your shoes. Ensure you buy the products based on the type of leather. This is the first step toward taking care of your shoes.
  2. Keep your shoes away from water: – The type of leather will not matter once it’s come in contact with water. Leather shoes aren’t typically waterproof and can ruin any quality leather or material. If your shoes do get wet, dry them immediately with a paper towel and put some inside the shoes to absorb the water.
  3. Damp and Dry: – Your shoes are bound to get dirty over time and it’s not possible to clean them without using water. This does not mean you soak your shoes in water. Use a slightly wet cloth to carefully wipe off the dirt. However, before you do this, try and remove all the extra dirt with a shoe brush.
  4. Moisturize and condition your shoes: – Good quality moisturizers and conditions have a crucial role in maintaining your shoes. Moisturizing your shoes prevents them from becoming too rigid and from getting damaged. Use a clean shoe brush to apply your conditioner after you have dry cleaned your shoes. Apply the cream uniformly and let them dry completely. Condition your shoes every 6 to 12 months.
  5. Make your shoe water-resistant: – If your leather shoes are daily worn, then you waterproof them by using products like wax which will last for a good year, or sprays which will last for a month. Any of these products will protect your shoes from water.
  6. Polish your shoes: – Last but not least, to make your shoes look brand new and glowing, you’ll need to polish them regularly depending on how often you use them. Polishing adds a touch of shine to your shoes.

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