A Constantly Evolving Journey To Better Shoe-Making

A Constantly Evolving Journey To Better Shoe-Making

It all started as a small novice idea to build better shoes for a population who were devoid of the same. We started small, but never compromised on the quality of whatever we manufactured and always prefer to choice best artist for shoe-making. Our Italian shoes were crafted with a sole vision to break into the global market of commercialization. Our shoes are hand-crafted, hand-tailored and coloured to our consumers’ preferences.

It was only after some years that we rose to success.

Our handcrafted shoes had started getting noticed by celebrities and having them put their faith in our shoes was the turning point of this brand. For example, Neha Kakkar’s wedding was a blast to be remembered in the whole country. The shoes that her husband wore throughout the wedding were from Italian Shoes Co. He looked stunning in every design and colour, no matter what. Although we do not wish to blow our own trumpet, however, there are a lot of reasons why we prove to have a better competitive edge in the market as compared to other shoe-makers, some of them being:

  1. Our shoes are tailored with 100% genuine leather and boast a lifespan of eternity.
  2. The leather used for the shoe refuses to wear away with the changing times and climate. The softness of the leather is note-worthy and depicts the purity of the material used in crafting every shoe.
  3. The soles of our shoes are made of latex, an all-natural material known for flexibility and durability. By being able to absorb any shock to the spine, these soles promise to keep you and your feet hail and hearty.
  4. All our shoes are hand-coloured and hand-crafted delicately. This intricate process takes a lot of time, nevertheless, we vow to not compromise on the quality.
  5. Every pattern and design of the shoe is uniquely crafted with an idea that never coincides with another design.
  6. From wingtips to monk straps, we cater to every design and aesthetic that you can possibly think of. A cap-toe to ace the ‘Peaky-blinders’ look? We’ve got you covered.
  7. Our shoes are well suited for all occasions, from high-end weddings and parties to terrains that are rough and deadly.

Our shoes follow a detailed procedure which helps them live up to the expectations of the Italian craftsmanship. It’s only because of such a carefully crafted process that we have made a guide on how to keep your shoes squeaky clean, which goes as follows:

  1. For a better polish and grip, insert the shoe trees into your shoes.
  2. Start brushing your shoes with a horsehair brush. Finish by removing any accumulated dust particles with the help of a damp cloth.
  3. Apply a small amount of nourishing cream onto the leather. This will help the leather be more polished and sleek.
  4. After the cream gets absorbed, buff the cream off with your horsehair brush. For extra shine, buff your shoes with a clean cotton cloth, and voila! New shoes all day, everyday!

The owner of the Italian Shoes Co., Mr Gaurav Bhatia, is a learned professional who has always had the knack for luxury that comes at a price which complements it. His visits in Italy with his team only brought in more ideas and skills into this home-grown brand of Italian perfection. These Italian excursions were indeed a way to bridge the gap between the raw material and the knowledge that was required to carve it into a masterpiece.

His objective was to deliver excellence without burning a hole in one’s pocket. The objective is rightly depicted in every piece that you can find online. Bringing in the traditions of Italy in the craftsmanship of every shoe, his sole vision revolves around global domination where every commercially produced substandard shoe is replaced with this piece of art. An entrance into the global market is not far though, owing to the long lasting love and goodwill that the brand has established through the six long years of its inception.

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