A Shoe starts with a piece of wood – Italian shoes

Leather Shoe for Men in Italy

Currently, you need to pay thousands of dollars for a solo pair of bespoke shoes that have been crafted through a conventional process. A real Italian shoemaker may be fabricating a range of footwear, such as shoes, boots, sandals, clogs, and moccasins, etc. Yet the journey of a leather shoe starts with a piece of wood thus, for a single pair an artisan carried out various procedures and use a lot of techniques. It is a complete sequential method and requires the best crafting skills and knowledge of materials.

Numerous resources are assembled together so you can get a product that will be perfectly suitable and fully adjustable according to your foot configuration. In general, essential stuff that could be necessarily employed in the making of Italian leather shoes are leather, wood, rubber, jute, or other plant material. They are inclusive of multiple components, stitched to leather, for superior durability of the shoe.

Prior to making a leather shoe, an ancestral shoemaker would prefer taking the measurements of a person’s feet from all the dimensions to create a blueprint of the actual foot. From here the journey of Italian luxury men’s shoe starts from a single piece of maple or ash wooden log which further carved and trimmed into the shape of a foot. Craftsman necessarily keeps the foot frame measurement a little bigger than the actual foot size.

Now they select the best leather available in various colors and textures as stated by the customer. Now they place a leather segment in different proportions over a wooden frame and affix it with the help of small nails. They either glued some parts as per the requirement. Then they fitted and stitched together multiple pieces of outer sole and heel. 

The inner sole was next assembled which consist of a pair of soft leather so it would be more comfortable for the feet. Then they fix a pair of an inch wide welts or bands which have been made from flexible leather. After that, an insole was then attached to the wooden frame insole. The last method is to seal the tip of most leather with pins of the sole. Then only it is possible to hammer the soles into a perfect shape. After that, wooden pegs were secured to the heels, and then the outer sole was attached at the bottom.

For constructing bespoke leather shoes the Italian shoemakers perform all the processes from their own hands which includes paring, rasping, grinding, smoothing, blacking, and bruising the edges of soles and heels before finishing the product. Besides they are also efficient in scraping, sandpapering, bruising of soles, removing, and cleaning out any pegs that could have punched through the inner sole.

Luxury leather shoe designers of Italy got creative vision thus their every creation is distinct and heavenly. They adopt varied arrangements of sole and heel mainly there peculiarity is a long chisel fringe which is also known as the clogger’s knife or stock. Next to this they enhance and beautify the look of their designed shoes with another detailing process which is called the grooving, and for doing so they make a trench or tiny holes around the edge of the sole.

Historical and conventional shoemakers are still the resident natives of Italy who is expert in producing bespoke shoes for their every customer. Hence, you should frame your mind to certainly buy a pair of handmade Italian shoes once in your lifespan.

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