Difference Between Leather Shoes and Italian Leather Shoes


For centuries, Italian craftsmen have been designing and handcrafting shoes of exceptional quality and style. Italian Leather plays an important role here. Italian leather is one of the finest and purest leather that is used for shoe-making which sets Italian Shoes apart. Even after years, Italian Leather enjoys an excellent reputation and recognition for being luxurious. Italian Shoes Company believes in only using the finest Italian Leather for handcrafting all our shoes. Italy is regarded as the ultimate platform for leather production, and we handcraft all our shoes exclusively in Italy. While shopping for shoes, make sure you go for premium quality leather more than any regular leather. Before you start shopping, you must know the difference between Italian leather and regular leather. Italian Shoes Company is here to give you the ultimate list of differences. Keep reading.

Quality: – Quality plays a vital role in determining the grade of leather. While Italian leather shoes have an impeccable quality, aesthetics and durability the same cannot be said for regular or lower quality leather shoes. Italian leather is the most long-lasting as it is made from the resilient part of cowhide. Any regular grade leather is often made from the lower layers of the animal, compromising on durability.

Design and Character: – Italian leather shoes are often famous for their stunning appearance and design. Since Italian leather is procured from the top part of the animal, it restores all the organic markings of the animal. This gives Italian leather shoes more character and structure than any normal leather shoes which lack a natural finish. Italian leather is often used for high-end luxury shoes which include hidden channels that hide the stitching of the shoes making them look more elegant than any regular leather shoes.

Comfort and Breath ability: – Split leather is a kind of leather that is doctored to imitate full-grain leather which is often used by top Italian shoe companies. The process of doctoring the leather affects the breath ability and the comfort provided by the shoes. This type of leather lacks the strength and the comfort of wear that is provided by full-grain leather.

Shoe-making: – When it comes to handcrafting shoes, Italian leather is the most popular leather for creating high-end dress shoes. Regular leather while being inexpensive, is more susceptible to wear and tear in the short run. Italian leather has a non-synthetic smell while regular leather will have the smell of glue bonding.

Whether it’s a classic formal shoe or a casual pair of loafers, there is a craftsmanship that goes into making every shoe unique. Italian Shoes Company offers the best leather dress shoes online. Everything from formal shoes to casual footwear, we have got you covered. Head to our online store today.

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