History of Shoe Making in Italy

History of italian shoe making

Initially, a group of artisans indulged together in the manufacturing of solo pairs of handcrafted leather shoes. This process is tedious and frantic as the craftsman also called cordwainers would be able to make only a set of shoes in one full day. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, shoe trading began at less scale by only a few countries that were manufacturing ready to wear shoes. 

History of Italian Shoes in its late 19th Century

As the 19th century arrives at the edge, shoemaking has become a globally accepted handcraft. The history of Italian shoes making in Italy has also started flourishing in the same era. Italy established its foundation in a similar profession by engaging its own countrymen as manpower. They commenced the production of genuine leather shoes on a huge scale. 

Nowadays most nations are involved in the production of leather shoes with the help of mechanized robots in order to maintain the continuity of supply. Yet Italy is the solo nation that is still creating handmade classic leather shoes that are sometimes customized in a specific manner as per customer’s demand. 

In Italy, the utmost shoemakers are creating designer shoes from generations. They have learned the skills of shoe crafting from their ancestors. They inherited their artistic behavior from their forefathers. Luxury designer shoes of Italy are basically carrying out their paternal occupation which has been their family-owned business for ages. The leading head of the family plays a vital and significant role of mentors who educate and inculcate his abilities to other family members. Besides developing their expertise in the shoemaking process yet they even know to repair and mend the shoe. 

For constructing a pair of shoes Italian shoe designers individually measure the dimensions of a person’s feet and build a handmade customized pair of shoes that perfectly fits and best suited to the persona. Handmade Italian shoes are a specimen of classic art which is accomplished by the gifted hands of Italian craftsmen with the implementation of more than 15 different methods and techniques. Conventional shoemakers rip a leather segment and assemble together through hand stitching forming a shoe. 

Italian artisans use self processed fine quality leather which they produce by tanning the raw animal skin. They manufacture their own world’s best and exclusive leather. Leather has been decorated and embellished by using several different procedures. Italians are also skilled in dying natural leather by using organic and plant products that provide vibrant and ombre shades to the final outlook of the shoe.

For shoemaking an Italian craftsman gets their maximum raw animal leather from cattle such as sheep, goats, and pigs. Besides this, they are competent in using horse, lamb, and deerskin too which gives the most expensive soft fur and this leather has been utilized in high-priced apparel and attires. 

Now, as it is completely justified, when you shop for a pair of Italian shoes, then make faces over their hefty price tags. They are accessories for investment and they last for years. They preserve their style and we know that they have been crafted from the finest material and by professional hands.

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