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Everything you need to know about Italian Shoes Co. 

The history of shoe-making in Italy is rather an interesting and compelling one. Initially, a group of artisans indulged together in the manufacturing of solo pairs of handcrafted leather shoes. This process is tedious and frantic as the craftsman also called cordwainers would be able to make only a set of shoes in one full day. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, shoe trading began at less scale by only a few countries that were manufacturing ready-to-wear shoes.


World-class materials. A renowned family of 4th generation Italian artisans. Combined to make a world-class luxury shoe. Access to the best.


We hand-select each full-grain calfskin leather used for our uppers. Each pair is fully lined with supple calfskin to keep your feet dry and cool.

As the 19th century arrives at the edge, shoemaking has become a globally accepted handcraft. The history of Italian shoes making in Italy has also started flourishing in the same era. Italy established its foundation in a similar profession by engaging its countrymen as manpower. They commenced the production of genuine leather shoes on a huge scale. 

Italian artisans use self processed fine quality leather which they produce by tanning the raw animal skin. They manufacture their own world’s best and exclusive leather. Leather has been decorated and embellished by using several different procedures. Italians are also skilled in dying natural leather by using organic and plant products that provide vibrant and ombre shades to the final outlook of the shoe.


Each pair is hand dyed & hand burnished by one of our master craftsmen. This delicate process can take hours and is what gives our shoes depth and richness of color. No two shoes are exactly alike, and each one bears the unique touch and artistry of the artisan that created it.

In Italy, shoemakers are solely accountable for carrying every phase of the shoemaking procedure. This is why the shoes that are produced in Italy are par excellence. They make classy and elegant shoes by assisting in the nesting manufacturing process. The luxury Italian shoemaking includes a series of duties at different levels. The making of one pair of excellent men’s shoes goes through several stages of construction before completion. Italy is well known for its superior craftsmanship and durable leather. One can’t simply go wrong with Italy. 

For an Italian shoemaker, the foremost step is to measure the foot from diverse angles, and then he makes its precise stencil on real and grained leather. This is why the shoes that you buy from Italy fit your feet perfectly. They are very particular in the selection of leather and mostly choose the textile as per their customer’s choice.

Hence, men’s luxury Italian shoes are known for their bespoke customization. You can get the shoes just the way you’d like. For this method, they sketch the blueprint of a shoe on a segment of leather and then use scissors to cut the fabric in the shape of a shoe. Isn’t this amazing? 

Italians take the art of shoe-making very seriously, and rightly so. One should not neglect the fact that shoes are a very integral and essential part of our lives. Shoes and clothes are elements that we use regularly. Hence, choosing the right pair of shoes for yourself is more of an investment than an expenditure. The Italian Shoes Co. is known well in the market for manufacturing shoes that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and right fitting. These shoes won’t break easily and the manufacturers of the shoes can testify for the same. With prolonged endurance equipped with a very diverse collection, our shoes are made for the gentleman who believes in dressing up well. The shoes are created by using an amalgamation of artistic and superior craftsmanship traditions.  The leather that is used in the shoes of this company is highly durable and will not be subjected to regular wear-n-year.

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Italian handmade leather shoes are one such thing that can easily grab anyone’s attention. It furnishes you with an extensive and complete collection of designer shoes in eye-catching colour tones. To provide you with a tough and durable, pair of shoes. Italian craftsman assembles it by combining approximately 88 distinct entities. It is the constant adherence of our expert designers who are creating the most desirable. 

One should never underestimate the quality of bespoke Italian Shoes. These shoes can last more than you! 

Within the province of Italy, Italian Shoes Company is well acknowledged for its leather shoe mechanizing history. Our brand has persistently created the essence of its foot impression since the early decade of the 20th Century. Universally Italy is known as the Shoe Valley where dozens of families possess workshops that are producing the world’s finest leather shoes. Handmade Italian shoes are the precise specimen of a customized handicraft. Italian shoes affirm standard and class. 

Our motto is simple: We want to equip the global market with high-quality shoes. We want to ensure that every person has access to superior quality shoe-wear. Or bespoke Italian shoes will interpret what you’re personality wants for your feet. 

We have employed ample possibilities to intensify the competency of their craftsmen for the utilization of variation in leathers and their colours in an ultimate convincible manner. Though, our company’s concern is to implement unusual procedures to accomplish the exceptional historic outcome. We are sure that we are bound to achieve that, considering the quality that we offer for our products. 

One should know that all the shoes are crafted with a lot of devotion and care. Each shoe has been given acute attention and detail. There is ample mind pondered over the stitching patterns, colour coordination, and leather durability of a particular pair of shoes. This is why it costs a little much. However, the quality of the shoes does justice to the pair. 

However, for the Italian Shoe Company, each set is completely drafted from the bare hands of the genius workers. Every isolated pair of leather shoes personify the replica of excellence due to miscellaneous hand stitching and hand painting approach. The concluding product is rare and one in a million edition which has been assembled under the supervision of connoisseur following the correct and exact guidelines. Italian Shoes Company emphasizes conducting the favourable environment amid peasants and inmost firms hence, each pair of leather shoe is a mark of serenity.

Italian leather shoes emerge successfully due to the implementation of precise craftsmanship and a customized approach to get one of the most functional elements. It has the exact capacity required to fit one’s foot. Moreover, Italian Shoes Company has expanded its wings in the global market with an extremely unique catalogue inclusive of branding and trust.

Periodically, a few instances arrive when you require to upgrade your pair of canvas shoes, in such case why not go for good Italian sneakers that get you compliments every time. Purchasing an elegant set of Italian sneakers is indeed footwear that can be a show stopper and let you grab everyone’s attention.

Having lacy and stylish sneakers is a valuable investment that will prove to be your best buddy for multiple years ahead. Besides, it contributes to elevate your class and standardized your persona. Sneakers are also your best friend when it comes to choosing something for going out and playing in the field. If you are a gym enthusiast, you would know that sneakers are the best investment that you can make in athleisure. If you’re wondering why you should go for Italian Shoes Co., we can equip you with a variety of reasons, such as: 

  • Italian sneakers are manufactured from the finest leather – Premium quality leather is generated through tanning procedures. This process is carried out on raw animal’s skin. The leather produced by this method is the world’s best leather which is solely implemented by every Italian shoemaker. Traditional Italian peasants do not use chemically treated leather. Hence, all the Luxury shoe designers of Italy are crafting sneakers from pretty good and porous leather section to access roomy comfort to your feet. 
  • Must have essential information in the closet – Informal Italian sneakers are one such pair that can effortlessly fuse with almost all the outfits. It is well adapted to western, Indo western, and traditional. You can team up the sneakers with all your attire without getting frightened of your appearance. It will add a glimpse of a trend to your overall personality.
  • Superior craftsmanship – Italian leather sneakers are all stitched by the expert hands of artisans. Luxury shoe designers of Italy are utilizing the finest and prime quality animal skin for constructing each set of shoes. Every solo pair of Italian sneakers will provide you with a feel of real comfort and relief, once you wear it. 
  • The making of every combo of real Italian sneakers is a complex methodology that has been concluded to give you a versatile approach. Whether you indulge in some physical activity or you need to attend any formal meet, these Italian sneakers will be a style statement. 
  • The reasons I have quoted in this blog are more than enough to compel you for buying a pair of handcrafted Italian leather sneakers for your self. Or you can simply swap your old shoe with luxury Italian sneakers to be rocking hot among your acquaintances.

Hands down, Italian Shoes Co. has the best premium leather shoes in the market. Handmade shoes in India are a rarity, and this company bears the best premium leather shoes for men in India. If you’re looking for leather shoes online, you should go for this brand. They have the best leather shoes in India and have the purest leather shoes available in the market at this cost. They have the best luxury men’s shoes and also help you with the most luxurious Italian leather shoes. Trust us, these Italian shoes for men won’t disappoint you! 

We believe that luxury is not expensive, but something that bears a superior quality, and unparalleled quality. We believe that luxury doesn’t have to come at high prices. It can come in small boxes of Italian Shoes Co. too!