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What are Made to Order Shoes?

Limited edition models manufactured in small quantities. These models are specially selected and developed by our design artisans. These models are only available for a limited time (generally 15 days) in which clients can pre-order them from our website. These exclusive limited editions are then manufactured as a group once the group closes after 15 days. Once the group closes, these special editions remain available in the closed MTO section, and the price goes up for more exclusivity. MTOs or any product that has been modified at the customer’s request cannot be returned or exchanged.

Can I exchange a Group made to order for a different size if it does not fit?

Unfortunately custom made orders and MTO’s are specially manufactured for you according to your specifications and they cannot be returned or exchange. We always recommend being familiar with our lasts and sizes before going forward with any custom made order. Once any customised order is launched to production, the next business day, we would not be able to modify your order.

Can I buy a pair of a GMTO that has already closed?

A closed GMTO means the group has been completed and all the pairs have been launched into production. Nonetheless, the exact makes can be manufactured as individual orders after the group is closed. Do bare in mind closed GMTO will have a different price to the GMTO while it was open.