Simple Rules to Choose the Right Men’s Shoes

Simple Rules to Choose the Right Men’s Shoes

Do you ever wonder if there are any rules to wearing shoes? Well, there are a few that every man should follow to achieve that elegant and classy look everybody desires. Shoes are a huge part of an outfit as they have the power to make you look exceptional. A luxurious pair of shoes bring out the confidence in you to be the star of every event. Every man should own a perfect shoe collection with quality handcrafted shoes that would last for an eternity. To help you decide on shoes, here are a few rules that every man should live by to make an unforgettable appearance.

Color rules: – While talking about men’s shoe rules, the first thing that comes to our mind is the color. Your shoes should always be a shade darker than your clothes. This straightforward rule will go a long way in helping you with your casual, formal, and other outfits. Having a pair of black shoes is essential as black goes with almost every color. Don’t forget about brown. They are classy and go well with blue.

Socks for the shoes: – Matching your socks with your shoes will bring you uniformity in your outfit while maintaining a good contrast between your pants and shoes.

Shoe style rules: – Always go for traditional and classy over edgy and trendy when in doubt. Classy shoes never go out of style and let you look more put together. Choose your shoes wisely as you don’t want to spend a fortune on shoes that might go out of fashion quickly.

Must-have shoes: – Loafers are a great pair of shoes and go perfectly well with almost anything. Wingtips are a classy formal option that can be blended into casuals seamlessly. Oxfords are a staple and a must-have. They are the go-to shoes for any formal events. Make sure you own a stunning pair of Boots, and your ideal shoe collection is complete.

Buying rules: – Fit over style is the golden rule. You won’t look your best with your shoes hurting you. Go for premium quality shoes even if they are a tad bit expensive. Shoes are a real investment, and you don’t want to end up with inexpensive worn-out shoes. Save up and buy handcrafted shoes of exceptional quality.

Shoe care: – Your job does not end with you buying shoes and storing them away. Your shoes will stand the test of time only if you take good care of them. Clean your shoes regularly with good products. Don’t forget to polish your shoes before stepping out they make all the difference.

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