The world-famous designer Tom Ford once said that shoes are his most important thing as it describes who he is, the way he walks and moves. Rightly said shoes play a crucial role in shaping one’s personality and style. Shoes create a lasting impression on your style and change the way you choose your outfits. Shoes are made for every occasion and are versatile enough to go with any outfit if you know how to pull them off. Formal shoes are highly popular among men as these shoes go well with everyday work, meetings, formal dinners, and events. They are the most used type of shoes and it’s important to know which formal pair of shoes are a wardrobe essential and how to style them.


Italian Shoes Company brings you handcrafted shoes made in Italy by the best artisans with incredible skill and knowledge. We are an Italian brand dedicated to designing extraordinary shoes for men with a touch of luxury and class. We offer a wide range of shoes from classy formals to trendy casuals. Our formal shoes are a class apart and will bring power to your look like never before. Confused as to which pair of formal shoes are best suited for you? Well, we have curated a complete list of must-have formal shoes for men and ways to style them. Keep reading!

  1. Opulent Oxfords: – Oxfords are by far the most popular among formal shoes due to their simple yet stunning design with integrated laces. These shoes are sleek, and classy and can be paired with any formal outfit for a dapper look. Oxfords are a must-have for men. Black and brown are classic colors but you can also go for more neutral tones. Pro tip: Pair your oxfords with formal trousers and with a well-fitted chic suit for a stunning appearance.
  2. Dazzling Dress Boots: – Boots are generally assumed to be more casual footwear than a formal one; however, this is entirely true. Dress Boots like Chelsea, and Derby Boots give an elegant and formal appeal to your looks. Here’s a styling tip on dress boots to remember: Go for classic-colored Boots for trousers and blazers for a powerful look. You can pair your semi-formal outfits with boots that have a pop of color to stand out. Either way, boots are an underrated pair of formal shoes and they have a place in your collection.
  3. Majestic Monk-straps: – Monk-strap shoes are for those who love to stand out from the crowd while looking classy and put together at the same time. Monk-straps are buckled strap shoes and have a unique appeal to them. You will be the center of attention with a classy pair of Monk straps. To make your look both unique and attractive at the same time, try matching the color of the straps with your tie and belt.
  4. Lucian Loafers: – Loafers are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They slip on and off your feet effortlessly and are ideal for business travels. Leather loafers can easily blend into formal looks and give an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Loafers pair great with suits without a tie and make sure your socks aren’t too visible.


Formal Shoes are an essential set of shoes for every man and now that you know which shoes to invest in, Head to Italian Shoes Company’s official website and get your favorite pair today!

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