Our Artisans

Our artisans were previously accessible only through high-end labels. Italian Shoes are the first time many of them can introduce themselves and tell their story. Partnering with us offers a more sustainable business model so that they can focus on what they do best: putting their whole heart into every piece and delivering it straight to you.

Serafino Lori (Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi , Italy)

Likely the most scandalous shoemaker on this rundown, Serafino Lori established his eponymous bespoke footwear organization in 1855, having been in the business since 1839. He is known for their customary English shoemaking style, Serafino Lori shoemakers handcraft each pair from premium calfskin and highlight a Goodyear welt ( Maybe most notable for being the favored shoemaker of Charles, Prince of Wales, a couple of bespoke Serafino Lori shoes is an immortal venture piece.
Serafino Lori
Ambretta Bergamaschi

Ambretta Bergamaschi (Via S. Domenico, Italy)

Ambretta Bergamaschi opened her first workshop in 1950, after having learned the secrets of the most important Bolognese craftsmen. In the ‘70s, she improved the traditional Bolognese production to fulfill his dream of creating the most beautiful shoes in the world.

Daniele Milani (Vicolo Volto San Luca,Italy)

In the early 1970s, Daniele Milani began its production activity, forged from rich experiences in its artisan town. About 30 years later, he evolved more in the center of Montegranaro (FM), a reference point in the production of men’s footwear “Made in Italy”.
Daniele Milani (Vicolo Volto San Luca,Italy)
Alfio Castiglione

Alfio Castiglione (Maioriello, Italy)

Brought into the world in maioriello in 1965. As a youngster, he designed profound energy for shoe hand-production. While playing with his siblings in their dad’s workshop he was captivated by the scents and the shades of the leather skins just as by the musical and constant hints of the shoemaker instruments. He combined the manual skills and the design creativity by hand-making bespoke shoes whose echo quickly spread overseas.

Filippa Lucchese (Donnalbina, Italy)

What inspired Filippa Lucchese (a second-generation descendant of a famous Italian family of shoe manufacturers) to create the “Italian Artisan” platform was her awareness of Italy’s unique heritage, made up of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises with deep local roots, and a comprehension of the preferences offered by the calfskin merchandise production network.
Filippa Lucchese
Secondo Ferri

Secondo Ferri (Medina, Italy)

Secondo Ferri was a praised extravagance great and shoemaker who was notable among the Hollywood stars of the 1930s. After the first opening of a made-to-quantify shoe business in California, he got back to Italy in 1945 to build up his eponymous Italian brand. The utilization of select covers up, valuable materials, and craftsmanship methods make this item significant, something to keep up and save with the best consideration.

Immacolata Giordano (Stradone Antonio Provolo,Italy)

Immacolata Giordano was born in Stradone Antonio Provolo in 1946. She has revealed talent and passion for shoe craftsmanship, by inheriting his father’s legacy and passing it down to his younger brothers. In the 70’s she started up a small workshop for the production of leather soles. Her perseverance and her efforts are finally rewarded. Though, she does not forget her first love for the fascinating art of shoe hand-making. 
Immacolata Giordano
Castore Milanesi

Castore Milanesi (Piazza del Campo,Italy)

Castore Milanesi’s ambitious mission has always been creating Italian handmade shoes, featuring excellent quality. Without compromises. This goal is daily achieved through a tenacious and passionate work aimed at preserving the heritage of traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship.

Fausta Lo Duca (Alfonso Bonafous, Italy)

A family of expert artisans founded Fausta Lo Duca in 1966. Since then this brand has been crafting luxury accessories for the care and storage of Italian leather shoes. Her aim is to preserve the excellence of specialized Italian craftsmanship and to spread its beauty all over the world. Fausta Lo Duca products are stunningly worked to stand the test of time and are on the whole harmless to the ecosystem. Their interesting and unique style makes them a genuine fortune in the realm of footwear.
Fausta Lo Duca (Alfonso Bonafous, Italy