A lot of things go into making an outfit look both effortless and attractive at the same time. Wearing the right kind of shoes is crucialpart of styling an outfit to be flawless. There is an ocean of shoes for men to choose from to make their look extraordinary and appealing. One shoe that immediately comes to my mind are the oxford shoes. Oxford Shoes reigns supreme when it comes to styling and has been a favorite for centuries. Oxford Shoes are great but where can you find the perfect pair of oxford shoes in India? Well, we have the answer for you! We all know how amazing Italian brands are. Italian Shoe Company brings you the finest quality of Italian Shoes handcrafted to perfection by incredible artisans.

We are primarily based in Italy and all our shoes are specially made in Italy by the best craftsmen having experience in designing world class shoes since 1912. We have four generations of family artistry, design knowledge and experience. Our shoe collection is truly unique and will stand the test of time.

Oxford Shoes are a must and should be a staple in every person’s closet. They are classic, chic and stylish and, will amp up your outfit like nothing else. The Italian Shoe Company offers timeless and luxurious Oxfords Shoes in various eye-catching colours. We have a world class collection of perfectly and uniquely designed oxford shoes for you to choose from. Oxford Shoes are highly versatile and can be paired with both smart casuals and formal wear. A pair good formal shoes are not very easy to find, they need to be made from pure leather and must last you for a lifetime. Here are our bestselling oxfords and reasons why you should go for them.

  • The Oxford Classic Leather Dark Brown Shoes is a crowd pleaser and a classic charmer. These are a flawlessly handcrafted pair of shoes that will go stunningly well with a grey, dark brown or a navy suit and can turn your average formal look into an exceptional and fashionable one.
  • Another popular pair is the Oxford Matt Black Leather Men Shoes which should be a part of every man’s collection. The black oxford shoes are the number one choice for styling any business occasion. They are the most adaptable shoes and can be worn at all most every occasion. They can be styled with any colour for a polished and dazzling look.

Oxfords have the power to take your look to the next level and every man should definitely own one. We bring you freshly handcrafted exquisite Oxfords that will make you the talk of the town. To attain the seriously cultured formal look or a daring casual one, make sure to get your hands on this black oxford shoes and it would be a sin not to add these shoes to your collection. Head to Italian Shoes Company’s online store and start shopping!


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