Italian Shoes Company Dress Shoe Care Guide

You love your shoes, and you want to keep them beautiful and shiny for years to come. The day by day care of continually utilizing shoe trees in the middle of wears and brushing them after each use is only one part of the shoe care process.. To keep your shoes looking their best, clean them regularly, Condition them every month or so to moisturize the leather, and then polish them for that lovely sheen. Keeping your shoes clean will prolong their life and improve their appearance, below, you will find a step by step guide on how to clean and polish your dress shoes.

Step 1. Insert Shoe Trees

To make the polishing and brushing process easier, insert your shoe trees into shoes.

Step 2. Brush Off Shoes

Brush your shoes with a horsehair brush to dust off any dirt. You can also use a damp cloth to remove any accumlated dirt particles.

Step 3. Apply Polish

Apply a small amount of nourishing cream polish to your shoe with a soft cloth.

Step 4. Buff Off Shoes

Let the cream dry and absorb for a few minutes, Buff the cream off with your horsehair brush.

For Extra Shine, Buff Your Shoes With a Clean Cotton Cloth.

Caring for shoe not only makes your shoes look good, but it also preserves its natural appearance. Without proper conditioning and care, shoe surface dries out, eventually creating wrinkles on the surface. In order to maintain the supple appearance of your leather shoes you must take proper care, keep them dirt free, conditioned it on regular basis, and polish it.

However, it is always advisable to invest in a good pair of shoes. A quality shoes would be made using good leather. 15 artisan working with Italian Shoes Company combined to make a world-class luxury men’s shoe! Made with 100% genuine leather.