The Ultimate Guide for Men’s Wingtips Shoes

Anyone knows who knows about fashion must also know that the right footwear is equally important for a complete look – whether you’re seeking to put together the perfect look for an important interview, getting ready for a dinner date, or simply just hanging out with your friends, choosing the right pair of shoes for different occasions becomes significant to achieve the perfect aesthetics. You must have a distinctive collection of stylish shoes in your wardrobe. 


Wingtip Shoes are a staple in every man’s collection. Due to its flexibility and aesthetically pleasing looks, wingtips can be worn on any occasion, from formal meetings to casual dinners. Italian Shoes Co. is a master in handcrafting Leather Mens Shoes with intricate details and unique designs. We make our shoes using Italy’s finest leather and quality materials that make our shoes long-lasting and robust. We offer a wide range of classy wingtip shoes in a variety of alluring colors. 


And in case you are confused as to choosing the right pair of Wingtip for your wardrobe, then you just got lucky because we have put together the ultimate guide for men’s wingtip shoes. From where to wear our shoes to how to style them, we have got you covered. 


  1. What are Wingtip Shoes? Wingtip Shoes are a type of apparel shoe that showcases an elongated toe cap with short wings incorporated on each side of the shoe. Wingtip shoes were said to have originated from the regions of Scotland and Ireland. The unique holes which make the wingtips stand out were initially made to clear the water out for when people walked through wetlands. Nowadays, the intricate holes serve more as adornment than utility. 
  2. Different kinds of Wingtips: – Italian Shoes Company offers a varied selection of wingtips. From classic wingtips and boots to Quarter brogue and Longwing brogues, we have got you covered for all occasions and festivals. Our wingtip collection is a combination of innovative designs and exotic colors. From trendy and wacky to classy and fancy, we have got the ultimate collection that will make your looks exceptional. 
  1. Where to wear Wingtips? On a scale of casual shoes for a picnic to a tux event, Wingtip Shoes fall right in the middle. It’s appropriate to say that wingtip shoes, while they are usually versatile, can’t be worn everywhere. However, you can dress down or up with wingtips according to the occasion. Wingtip Shoes will be perfect for any formal event like a business meeting or even a nice casual date with your partner. Our Wingtip Dark Burgundy leather shoes will be a perfect choice for a dinner party or even a formal meeting. 
  1. What pairs best with Wingtips? If you’re planning to go casual, then pairing our incredible wingtips with nicely fitted jeans and a solid t-shirt or even a polo shirt will make your entire outfit aesthetically pleasing and right on-trend. For a more chic look, wear your wingtips with chinos or even slacks. Our Wingtip Derby Red shoes are an ideal choice if you want to show off your sleek and sophisticated wingtips for an eye-catching look. Transform your suit game with our classic black wingtips by pairing them with a patterned or a solid color suit for a more appealing look. 


Italian Shoes Company offers a contemporary yet classic definition to Wingtip Shoes. Go down the wingtip road with an open mind and choose one, two, or many that fit your closet and your personality perfectly. Buy Genuine Leather Shoes Online from our official website. An elegant array of Luxury Mens Shoes awaits you at Italian Shoes Co. Hurry up!


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