Top 5 Five Shoes Men Must Have in Their Collection

Shoes have become a must-have fashion accessory to complete any outfit. Shoes are no longer used for basic purposes. Today, shoes have become the medium for expressing and communicating one’s personality and style. With over 100+ designs and types of shoes available, one can have an extraordinary shoe collection. Good dress shoes are the key to any good outfit. Shoes of the modern century are a combination of contemporary designs and traditional methods, making them a pivotal part of your wardrobe. Hence, having the best shoe collection lets you have a good range of choices for all your looks, making you stand out from the rest.

Some shoes are a must-have when we talk about shoes for men. These shoes are the basic yet classy ones you must have in your collection. With Italian Shoes Company, you get the best of both worlds. We believe in handcrafting shoes with premium leather and exquisite materials to give a luxurious finish. Let’s look at the top 5 shoes every man must have.


1. Oxfords: –Oxfords are one of the most significant shoes one must have in their footwear collection. It’s classy, chic, and is a clear stand out from the crowd. Oxfords are the go-to shoes for any formal event and can also be jazzed up for casual occasions. Italian Shoes Company offers a wide array of elegant oxfords in classy colors.

2. Loafers: –Loafers are highly versatile and can be paired with casual and semi-formal outfits with ease. A stylish and stunning pair of loafers is the key to looking chic and comfortable at the same time. We have an exceptional selection of exotic loafers. Tassel loafers are a great option for men to bring a little spark and fun to their outfits.

3. Derby High Ankle Boots: –Derby Boots are a great option for those who prefer chunky shoes and a sturdy appearance. Derby Boots are the best when paired with casual and semi-casual outfits for a strong and confident look. High Ankle Derby Boots are the ideal companion for all the adventure-loving men out there. With a gorgeous pair of Derby Boots, you set to stand out.

4. Chelsea Boots: –Chelsea Boots and jeans are a recipe for a classic look. Chelsea Boots are easily one of the best options when it comes to styling laid-up casual outfits. Throw on the Chelsea Boots after work for a casual night out. A pair of Chelsea boots in dark brown or black will instantly elevate your look.

5. Sneakers: –Sneakers are a must-have. Sneakers are the perfect go-to shoes for every casual look. They are comfortable, style, and easy to wear. Sneakers can also look super chic with semi-casual outfits where you can throw on a blazer and pants. Sneakers lets you show off your personality with a touch of fun and excitement.


Italian Shoes Company offers the best handcrafted dress shoes you can find anywhere. Head to our official website today and explore our luxurious collection of shoes for men. Shop now!




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