Top 5 Sneaker looks to pull off this summer

Best sneakers Soes In India

Summers are usually not the preferred weather for shoes and we tend to think it over before committing. But what if style and comfort could go hand in hand? Well, we have in store some of the top summer looks you have to try this season!

Who wouldn’t want to beat the heat with a trendy pair of sneakers? Sneakers offer a level of style and comfort that no other casual shoes can. Being a casual shoe, you might think it would bring down the glam factor in your look, but that is where you got it wrong. Sneakers are so versatile that they would pair great with your sportswear and even fit into your semi-formal ensemble. When it comes to luxury shoes, you get to experience the delight of premium fabrics and materials designed by top-notch designers. Let us take a look at the top five sneakers you have to own this summer:

  1. Low Top Brown Leather Sneaker: Made from fine grain leather, these sneakers come in dark brown color. They are the perfect sneakers that will compliment your summer evening look. Be it a cocktail event or a day out with your friends, these Italian-made brown leather shoes will make in stand out in the crowd. What makes it even better? The rubber soles are so relieving that your feet will dance with joy!
  2. Low Top Navy-Blue Leather Sneaker: We just can’t get enough of that premium quality leather, so, watch out for these trendsetters! These are hand-made with 100% authentic leather upper and lining. The snakeskin pattern on the top with converse rubber soles complement each other like chilled lemonade on hot picnic days. Again, a great selection for that semi-formal yet stylish impression on the crowd.
  3. The classic white sneaker: With padded cushion tongue and collar, these low tops are just breath-taking! This is quintessential for your summer wardrobe. You can literally wear it with anything and the exclusive fabric used in these shoes completely elevate the experience. If you are thinking that white may be difficult to maintain, rest your worries because these shoes are durable and can be easily cleaned.
  4. High Top Sneaker Black: While low tops give you the casual breezy look and feel, high-top sneakers will just ‘kick it out of the park’! These shoes are made of black and grey smoke hand-colored leather available both in Italian leather and rubber sole. The top ankle length gives a good push to your lower half and can go with any casual outfit you have in mind.
  5. Monk Strap Buckle Leather: Buckle straps and sneakers? You didn’t think it was possible, did you? Well, these monk strap sneakers are a stunning invention. With fine leather, the look and comfort of sneakers, and trendy straps, these monk strap buckle sneakers are an absolute must-have.

Dedicated to style and with a strong legacy of expert craftsmanship, the Italian Shoe Company is the foremost manufacturer of custom-made shoes worldwide. Their collection is purely handcrafted and made in Italy, check out their website today and experience luxury and style!


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