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Our bespoke shoes

Our bespoke shoes are tailored in accordance to your needs and preferences. Need we say more?

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Handcrafted pieces

Albeit the Italian shoes are primarily priced at 400 USD, we sell our handcrafted pieces of art at 125-200 USD. Our motto is not profit maximization, but maximization of our customers’ welfare and satisfaction.

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No presence of a middleman

There is no presence of a middleman involved. There is no retailer margin and no showroom expense. Hence, the marginalised prices. When you buy our shoes, you buy them directly from the manufacturer. This is what makes them a class apart.

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Our packaging is something that is surely for keeps! It’s made of a sleek faux croc leather and can be used in miscellaneous ways, owing to the sheer beauty of it.

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Dust cover

We not just equip you the best shoes in town, we also equip you with a royal shoe horn, dust cover, shoe brush and shoe wax along with it. Now, you can buff your shoes as and when you please!

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Genuine leather

Our shoes are tailored with 100% genuine leather and boast a lifespan of eternity.

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Pure Material

The leather used for the shoe refuses to wear away with the changing times and climate. The softness of the leather is note-worthy and depicts the purity of the material used in crafting every shoe.

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Made of latex

The soles of our shoes are made of latex, an all-natural material known for flexibility and durability. By being able to absorb any shock to the spine, these soles promise to keep you and your feet hail and hearty.

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Best quality

All our shoes are hand-coloured and hand-crafted delicately. This intricate process takes a lot of time, nevertheless, we vow to not compromise on the quality.

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Unique crafted

Every pattern and design of the shoe is uniquely crafted with an idea that never coincides with another design.

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Best categories

From wingtips to monk straps, we cater to every design and aesthetic that you can possibly think of. A cap-toe to ace the ‘Peaky-blinders’ look? We’ve got you covered.

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For all occasions

Our shoes are well suited for all occasions, from high-end weddings and parties to terrains that are rough and deadly.