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Article: Loafers for Men: A Complete Styling Guide

Loafers for Men: A Complete Styling Guide

Loafers for Men: A Complete Styling Guide

Men’s footwear styling and trends have evolved extremely over the years adding so much to the men’s fashion game. The shoe selection for men is as vast as it is for women, if not more. The designs and styles have advanced so much including collections like leather loafers for men to easily slip on and sneakers to enhance your overall look with any type of outfit. Leather loafers especially complement any and every outfit you wear to the next level of perfection.

Men’s loafers can work in many conventional ways of styling your look. They can switch from providing a formal touch to your appearance to a completely casual vibe, depending on your outfit for the day.

Men will often wonder how exactly to style leather loafers, as loafers are deemed to be one of the most versatile shoe collections to go with most outfits. But getting the perfect styling is easier said than done. Let’s read more about how to style Men’s Leather Loafers.

Know More About Men’s Loafers

Men’s leather loafers are more commonly known as ‘slip-on shoes’ because of being a variant in shoe varieties for their stylish elegance and comfortable design. This footwear is designed to not have the complexities of tying shoe laces and other locks or fastening, they are simply, Slip-on shoes.

You’re in the mood to dress to impress? Go for leather loafers!

Are you looking to dress down for a comfortable setting? Still, your ultimate choice is Loafer shoes!

Leather loafer shoes for men have emerged as the most versatile style of footwear to support all of your fashion choices. Anytime and anywhere!

Most Trendy Types of Leather Loafers for Men

There are three most popularly trendy loafer designs for men — Penny loafers, Bit loafers, and Tassel loafers.

  • Leather Penny Loafers (Weejuns)

Penny Loafers also referred to as ‘Weejuns’ are the most appropriate style of loafers for almost every style & occasion. From pairing it with casual denim jeans to formal suits, it complements the overall look with enhanced elegance. For summers, men prefer suede and lighter colours, while for winters heavier leather loafers with darker colours are the most in demand.

  • Leather Bit Loafers

The brand Gucci is the inventor of this loafer shoe design. Back in 1953, Gucci launched the ‘Bit Loafers’ for men with the addition of horse bit to the vamp of the loafer. These loafers gained popularity among men’s footwear choices with a high rise as they can be worn with any outfit possible. If we compare its styling with the penny loafers, bit loafers can also be appropriately worn with a tuxedo, unlike penny loafers.

  • Leather Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers were first released in 1950 by none other than the iconic shoemaker from America, Alden. This loafer design could be considered as the revised variation of penny loafers with a little variation in design. These loafers for men are highly popular for their sophisticated appearance.

  • Leather Venetian Loafers

Venetian Loafers are the simplest of loafer designs, with no decoratives or additions like straps, tassels etc. This simple yet sophisticated design is known as the plain loafers for men or slip-ons. With their sleek and laid-back appearance, Venetian leather loafers complement formal and semi-formal outfits.

  • Other Leather Loafers Styles

Penny, Bit, and Tassel loafers are three of the most commonly known loafer styles, but there are many more to add to the list such as Moccasins, Kiltie loafers shoes, Drivers, and Opera Pumps.

Styling Men’s Leather Loafers

  • Leather Loafer Shoes — Brown

Choosing brown loafer shoes for men will expand your styling options to the max. Just be careful of the texture of your shoes and here you have the best styling weapon to utilize the elegance of the leather loafer to the fullest. Put on this footwear with confidence for any office meeting or a casual dinner.

  • Semi-Formal Loafer Shoes for Men

Loafers for men come for many occasions, one of them being semi-formal outings or events. A semi-formal Loafer pair will let you get away with confidence in less formal settings. This footwear is a must-have to add to your closet with a distinct style and details to decoratives.

  • Slip-on Leather Loafer Shoes

The slip-on leather loafers offer extreme elegance to your appearance. When you want a classy look for your footwear but don’t want to compromise with comfort either, slip-on loafers will prove to be the best alternative in that regard. Pair it with denims or formal pants and you’re good to go.

  • Formal Loafer Shoes for Men

Formal Loafer shoes are a game changer in the fashion industry. These stylistic designs for footwear bring the ultimate sophistication and elegance to the overall appearance when it comes to formal settings. The blend of stylish look and comfort gives you a sleek polished look at your formal events.

Styling of Men’s Leather Loafers by Outfits Vibe

  • A cool look of classic loafers with Denim

    Pick out a pair of tight-fitting jeans, a bit shorter in length and pair it with the leather loafers. Baggy and long denim jeans will never look good with these types of shoes. A pair of black or brown leather loafers for men with washed denim is a classic look.

    • Penny Loafers to your relaxed look rescue

    Style your slim and cropped bottom wear with the sophisticated charm of penny loafers. Make it a smart casual look with blue trousers and a shiny and sleek pair of leather loafers to compliment your laid-back weekend outings.

    • Pick your favourite pair of Leather Loafer Shoes and be summer Ready

    Nothing goes well with the summer than a comfortable pair of loafer slip-ons bringing the easygoing style and comfort. Tailored shorts and a tee or a button with invisible socks, finish the look with your leather slip-ons and Viola! Here you are ready to rock your summer with a cool look.

    • Style your suits with Men’s Loafers

    Style your formal suits with a shiny pair of formal leather loafers and take sophistication with a blend of style to another level. Your look should be appropriately formal and the choice of colours for the loafers should be either black or brown. Make sure your pants are ankle-length to provide that perfectly clean silhouette to your appearance.


    Leather Loafers for Men is the most versatile shoe collection with a timeless touch. In men’s fashion, this footwear can serve both casual styles and formal looks. You can wear a comfortable and quality leather loafer to your business meetings and lunches for laid-back weekend outings. Leather loafers tend to be suited to almost every kind of outfit most of the time.

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