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Our refund policy is extremely seamless. However, these considerations are to be noted:

1) We can only accept for exchange items that are in factory mint condition and in their original packaging. Shoes must not have any wear/scuff marks on the outsole or upper, and must not have been altered in any way. Belts must not have been cut, holes added, or altered in any way. Items received that are not in factory mint condition will be sent back at the customer’s expense.

2) For domestic exchanges, we will issue you a refund back to the account of your original purchase so you may purchase any replacement you would like. Special pricing and offers from original order will be carried over to your next order. Please be sure to include in you return your original offer or promotion so one can be sent to you along with your refund.

3) Once the Products get delivered the customer can ask for a refund in case there is any issue within 10 days of delivery by mailing at