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Shoe packages are of vital importance while transporting shoes down the distribution network. Their ability to protect and store cannot be compromised as faulty packaging, can damage volumes of shoes, leading to product recalls of large consignments. We boost our brand with an amazing custom box and we work with quality box makers that offer top/bottom shoes boxes, featuring magnets and high-quality material.

Something that has been used by the masses for generations and will be in fashion for years ahead, shoe polish is a classic method of making your pair of shoes look squeaky clean. These polishes are cost effective and are extremely beneficial for the life of the shoes too. One should ensure to maintain the beauty and longevity of their pair of shoes, no matter what. What better product for it than a nice, squeaky cleaner in the name of a shoe polish?

When it comes to ensuring proper grooming of the shoes, there is nothing that does the job better than a shoes brush. It is usually free of any abrasives and makes sure that the texture of the shoes is well kept. It’s strands are very effective in getting rid of grease and oil stains too. The bristles of the brush can further be used on various types of materials, such as suede, leather, etc. It is a classic

Are you tired of forcefully trying to shove your shoes into your feet? Is your back finally getting tired of all that strain? Our shoe horns are the answer to your problem. Our shoe horns ensure that your feet just slip into the shoe without having to do all that extra, tedious work. It indeed makes your shoe-wearing experience a pleasant one. If you don’t use this element in your shoe care, you may end up damaging the back of your shoe’s skin with constant abrasion.

Italian Shoes Company is one of the most renowned company, shipping Italian shoes all over India with luxury packaging, which involves:

1. Elegant leather-textured solid box design and compartments in it.
2. On the box, there will be Metal Plate on it by the name of Italian Shoes Company.
3. Along with the box, you will get Warranty Card Envelope inside.
4. Our shoes will be packed with Shoe Dust Cover.
5. We are giving elegant free accessory inside the box that is Shoe Tucker.
6. In the box, there will be Shoe Polish for shining, protecting, and nourishing.

It is not just a shoes, its a feeling we are putting into it. Hard-work of our family artistry is guinue and aasuard. Our product will be extra ordinary with comprimise on small things. It is all branded and stylish!