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Italian Shoes Company Is The First And Only Luxury Shoe Brand That Will Buy Back Its Shoes!

Company is eligible for our buy back program. As part of the program, If the product is six months old, We will give credit of 20% on next purchase. If the product is one year old, then we will give 15% credit towards a new pair of Italian Shoes Company. Your old shoes will be donated, that helps men in need get back on their feet.

There Are Two Ways To Take Advantage Of Our Buyback Program

First Method Opt for an order return of Italian shoes and get a coupon code. Download the online ‘Buyback form’ and fill it.

Second Method Return the shoes in about 7-8 months and get a coupon code. Fill the online form and Voila! Your former shoes will be picked with ease by our efficient courier service with a completed and printed buyback form of Italian Shoes Company.