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Our Factory

A Perfect Melange Of Craftsmanship And Skilled Artistry

Every piece has been intricately crafted from genuine pure leather shoes, and has had impeccable artisans working from dawn to dusk to master the art of shoe-making.

Veritable Authentic Leather

At Italian Shoes Co, all the shoes are composed of genuine leather that refuses to succumb to wear and tear. The more refined the leather, the more soft it becomes. Such material ensures durability, longevity and efficiency of the italian brand shoes.

A Perennial, Long-Lasting Piece Of Art

What’s a shoe that cannot last forever? The soles that we use are carved out of latex, a material long known for its flexibility and durability. The inclusion of such a material arose from the fact that a latex sole can absorb any shock to the spine, which ultimately promotes health down your feet. Neglected feet are equivalent to neglected health. 

Hand-Coloured And Hand-Crafted

In this era of commercialization, the sheer beauty of a handcrafted shoe goes unparalleled. At Italian Shoes Co., all the shoes are a product of years of yearning for excellence and profuse artistry in this area of expertise. They are crafted, tailored and curated with hand, giving them the warmth and care that they very much deserve. The value of a luxurious product does not lie in its price, but in the very toil that the artisans had to undergo to create a piece worth admiration.